Meldunek in Poland

Meldunek (meldunek) is a residence permit in Poland. If a person comes to the country to stay there permanently or to live for more than 3 months, then it is simply necessary to get the registration itself. At the legislative level, the obligation of foreigners who plan to reside in the country much longer than the established time is established to register at the place of their specific residence.


  • ATTENTION! Rental agreement is required
  • Prompt preparation of documents
  • Accompanying in government agencies

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We help to get Meldunek in Poland

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How important is it to have a meldunek in Poland

Many people know that obtaining a residence permit is the responsibility of every foreigner, temporarily or permanently residing in the country. This is how the visitor shows that he complies with the laws of the country.

If a person does not have a registration, then he will not be able to get a Pesel number.

In addition, if you need to contact a government agency or institution, a bank or a hospital, you will not be accepted there without registration.

Getting a meldunek is very important in order to live comfortably in Poland.

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Under what circumstances should a meldune be registered in Warsaw?

The laws of the state establish that everyone who plans to come to the country for a period of at least 3 months, and stay for this period without leaving, must obtain registration.

Registration in Poland(meldunek in Poland)can be obtained not only by those who have their own housing in Poland, but also by people who rent a house or live in hostels.

Who must fulfill this requirement to obtain a melon?

Those who entered the country must comply with the established regulation:

  1. Students who came to receive education.
  2. Immigrants.
  3. Persons who came to the country to work.

We help all categories of citizens to get a meldunek in Warsaw. You can safely entrust us with obtaining a residence permit.

What conditions must be met by a person in order to be given a meldune?

Meldunek is issued only if:

  • The visitor legally resides in the country. This is confirmed by the presence of permanent residence or the presence of such documents as a residence permit or a Pole's card.
  • The person has their own or rented housing. At the same time, there is confirmation of this - all the necessary documents or a valid lease agreement.
  • If there is no housing in the property, the owner of the rented premises must issue a certificate stating that he has nothing against the fact that the tenant is registered at the address of residence.

Where can you get a meldunek in Poland?

Registration is issued at the District Office or in the department of the District Office. Where exactly you should go should be checked with the landlord from whom you are renting.

Often, homeowners do not want to waste time on trips to the office in order to issue their tenants with a temporary registration. This is where a rental agreement is needed, in which both sides and the address of the housing are clearly spelled out. With this agreement, the tenant can independently go to the management and issue a meldune in Poland.

In addition to visiting the office, Meldunek can be obtained online.

To get meldunek in Poland (meldunek) in any of the above ways, you can use the services of our company. Our specialists have extensive experience and will help you with registration.

What documents do you need to apply for a meldune in Poland?

In order for you to be able to receive a meldune in Poland, you will need to submit a package of documents to the Office. Employees are thorough enough to check. To obtain registration, you will need:

  • To confirm that you are legally on the territory of the state, you will need to present a residence card or a valid visa.
  • A rental agreement or other documents that can confirm your legal residence at the address you specified. Moreover, you must live there for at least three months.
  • Extract from the house book. It is needed, as well as a rental agreement, to confirm the fact that you really live at the declared address.
  • Written consent from the landlord, which confirms the approval that you will be registered on his property. 

Depending on the city in which you are going to receive meldunek in Poland, the Office may request both the entire above list of documents, or some of it. Also, employees of the Office may be asked to submit only one document from the list.

It takes only 15-20 minutes to get melonoks in this way. So this is a fairly quick procedure.

Get Meldunek in Poland online

Meldunek in 2021 can be obtained online.

Those arriving in Poland and having an ePUAP or E-dowod can go through the procedure for obtaining a residence permit (meldunka) via the Internet. 

In order to get a Meldunek online, you will need to submit electronic documents.

Electronic documents upon receipt of meldune are those papers that are of an official nature, and they must be located and registered in state databases. Users who have an ePUAP connected have access to such documents, but only on the condition that all papers have been officially registered and entered into the database.

If you are still going to attach scanned documents, then be prepared for the fact that the employees of the Department have the right to ask you to provide them with the originals of the documents. In this case, you will have to visit the office. If you present exactly electronic documents, then they will not find fault with anything and will issue registration online.