Retrieving a PESEL number remotely

The PESEL number is an eleven-digit personal identification code that is used to identify individuals in Poland.

Obtaining a PESEL number is a mandatory procedure for residents of Poland, regardless of whether it is a Polish citizen or a visiting foreigner. 

Due to the epidemiological situation and worsening weather conditions, we offer to obtain a PESEL number remotely!

Highly qualified specialists MIA CONSULT GROUP Sp. z o.o. will collect and prepare the necessary documents for registering a PESEL number without your personal presence.

Within 7 days you will become the owner of a PESEL number, as we work not only efficiently, but also promptly.

Retrieving a PESEL number remotely

  • Possibility of receiving without being in Poland
  • Prompt preparation of documents
  • Receiving a set of documents

от 500 zł.

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Why is it important to get a PESEL number?

When you get a PESEL number, you can easily interact with government agencies, go to medical institutions, call a doctor at home, receive services from a bank, and much more. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that it is simply impossible to become a full-fledged citizen of Poland without a PESEL number.

Main reasons to get a PESEL number:

  1. If you are planning register a company in Poland
  2. You are going to rent a house with a lease agreement
  3. You need to conclude an insurance contract
  4. Do you want to become a student of a Polish university
  5. You need to submit official documents
  6. For employment, you plan to register

PESEL number for company registration in Poland

If you want to open a company in Poland, then you just need to have a PESEL number. Why is this really so necessary?

1. When opening a company, you will also need to open a bank account for your organization.
Usually, if the owner of the company is a foreign citizen, then the bank employees require a PESEL number. Consequently, having a PESEL number will make the procedure for obtaining a bank account much easier and faster.

2. There are two ways to open a company in Poland: with the help of a notary or remotely.
A notary requires a lot of expenses - money, time and personal presence of the owner.

Therefore, now remote registration is becoming an increasingly popular service. When registering a company remotely, you need an EPUAP digital signature, which cannot be obtained without a PESEL number.

3. Companies must submit accounting reports annually.
For many business owners, it becomes an unexpected surprise that the PESEL number must be entered in the constituent documents and they have to urgently try to get it and change the documents, and this is additional time and money. It can also entail a delay in filing annual reports, which leads to the receipt of fines on the company and a deterioration in reputation. 

To avoid all these problems, we recommend that you immediately get a PESEL number and save your time and money.

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