Change of the type of activity of the company in Poland

The main activity code is the profile of the legal entity. There can only be one. If a company has the right to indicate any number of combinations in the additional code, so as not to further restrict itself when choosing the direction of work, then it should be very responsible about the main code of OKED. However, you may need to change the type of activity of the company in Poland.

Change of the type of activity

  • Prompt preparation of documents
  • Quick changes to KRS
  • State notification authorities and bank

from 1000 zł.

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Reasons for changing the type of activity in Poland

  • When calculating contributions to the FSS, this code will be used to determine the amount of the insurance premium.
  • The tax system is usually limited to a list of activities (for example, a company cannot use the tax system with the least tax burden by choosing the wrong code).
  • 2020 adds another important reason to this list: most government support programs for companies assume that it can only be obtained with a master code (for companies most affected by quarantine measures).

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Where to order a service for changing the type of activity?

If you need to change the type of activity of the organization in Poland or add the type of activity of the organization, please contact.

Specialists of our company MIA CONSULT GROUP  Sp. z o.o. make changes to the KRS and resolve the issue in a timely manner and efficiently!