Bank account in Poland for foreigners

Coming to Poland, both for temporary and permanent residence, everyone may need to open an account with a bank in Poland and issue a card that may be needed when paying for purchases and travel.

The key in deciding to issue a bank card is that it is needed for employment. Most employers transfer salaries to the card.

Our company MIA CONSULT GROUP  Sp. z o.o. provides assistance to clients when opening a bank account in Poland. Our specialists have extensive experience, so they can easily provide clients with the service of collecting and preparing documents for opening a bank account in Poland.

Bank account in Poland for foreigners

  • Selection of the optimal bank for foreigners
  • Collecting additional documents if necessary
  • Accompanying the client in the bank

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Which bank to apply to open an account in Poland?

There are many banks in Poland that offer clients various conditions for opening and maintaining a bank account.

Foreigners do not know which bank is better to go to. We advise our clients to cooperate only with large banks.

The main problem is that not all banks in Poland are ready to open a current account for foreigners, some open an account only if they have a residence permit, and some only need a PESEL number.

Please note if the bank is a member of the Bank Guarantee Fund. Also check if there are branches and ATMs of this bank in all cities of the country. Find out from the manager how much the service will cost, choose the bank where you are offered the most favorable conditions. Also find out if you can connect a mobile bank.

Based on the purpose for which you need to open a bank account, we help our clients decide on the bank.

What documents are required to open a bank account in Poland?

In order for you to be able to open a bank account in Poland, you will need to prepare the necessary documents in advance.

The list of documents may vary, since each bank may have its own established list of documents that are required when opening a bank account.

The list is about the same, so below are the documents that are asked to be provided most often:

  1. A document that confirms that you are legally on the territory of the country (this applies to those who came to the country in a visa-free regime; if you have a visa, then you must present it).
  2. The identification code number of the selected country where you lived.
  3. Personal identification number of a person in Poland - PESEL.
  4. A statement stating where you live.

So that you can easily open a bank account in Poland, our company's specialists will help you collect all the necessary documents.

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