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Accountant consultations online - is one of the main services of our company MIA CONSULT GROUP Sp. z o.o.

You can get professional accounting advice online, on the same day. Having extensive experience in the field of accounting and tax accounting, our specialists will help you with solving complex issues regarding the accounting of your business.

Convenient online application form accountant consultation with the possibility of fast payment makes it possible to get advice from the chief accountant immediately at the time of contact without leaving home. The waiting time for a call from our specialist is no more than 10 minutes.

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Accounting consultation in Poland

Poland is one of the best countries for doing business, as there is access to the European market for goods and services.

Register a company in Poland and it is not difficult to start working, much more difficult and it is very important to comply with the rules and norms of doing business established by law. This is where a competent and experienced accountant can help you.

An accountant's consultation is necessary for both beginners and experienced businessmen. After all, it is often unprofitable to hire a permanent accountant, especially in companies that have only recently opened. It would be best to contact an outsourcing company that provides accounting services, such as MIA CONSULT GROUP Sp. z o.o.

Online accounting consultation is in great demand among entrepreneurs in Poland, and is quite common, as it is provided in a short time.

Accountant consultation in Poland is a service for the provision of qualified assistance of professional specialists on issues related to accounting.

Consultation of the chief accountant

It is very important to fill out tax reports correctly and keep accounting records correctly. A person without proper accounting education and knowledge in this area may have problems, therefore, entrepreneurs often seek advice from an experienced accountant.

Our company employs specialists with higher education and many years of experience. They keep track of all the latest changes in Polish legislation that relate to doing business, so they can advise clients in detail in the field of accounting. Our experts will give their expert opinion from a professional accountant, which you need to hear.

During the consultation, our experts will help resolve your problem and optimize your business so that it brings even more income.

Accounting consultations on the following issues:

By contacting our company for online advice from an accountant, you will receive advice from an experienced specialist on the following issues:

  • How to draw up a payment schedule correctly;
  • For additional payments that must be indicated in the reporting;
  • Regarding the correct calculation of wages;
  • Provide information support during the period when you are undergoing tax audits;
  • We provide advice on general accounting issues;
  • We will advise on what information documents should contain for partner firms;
  • We provide information support in office work;
  • How to keep accounting correctly, what numbers should be included in it;
  • How to restore accounting documents.

Individual consultation of an accountant for each client

We select an individual approach to each client. We give advice based on what kind of legal organization your company has.

We provide advice to individual entrepreneurs and to companies in Poland. We also provide advice on resolving disputes in court. 

We do not share any information about your company. All information we receive from you remains strictly confidential and we guarantee the safety of your company's trade secrets and confidential data. 

In addition to consulting, we can offer you both full accounting support for your company and individual services.

We employ only competent specialists with higher education. The accountants of our company have extensive experience in consulting on accounting issues. We provide services of consulting an accountant at competitive prices. If you have any questions, then you can also call us, and you will certainly be helped.

We value our reputation, therefore we provide our clients with high-quality accounting advice!

We do not provide tax advisory services.