Quick changes to KRS

KRS (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) - the state court register, in other words - a directory of legal entities with detailed information about each.

Registration with KRS is a mandatory procedure for any company planning to legally develop in Poland.

This applies to both residents of the country and foreigners.

Changes in KRS for your business

What changes in the company need to be registered with KRS?

If something changes in the company, it is necessary to make changes to the KRS.

We are talking about changes such as:

  • change of governing bodies;
  • change of legal address;
  • change of company name;
  • adding / removing a new founder;
  • changes in the authorized capital;
  • change of the type of activity.

If you find yourself in a situation where it is necessary to urgently make changes to KRS, our specialists will help you to do it most efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

We will not only advise you on all your questions, but also prepare all the documents in Polish, which are necessary for carrying out the procedure for amending the KRS, in a high-quality manner.

When dealing with your company online, we strongly recommend using only a digital signature. Since the change made with the participation of a notary in paper form obliges to carry out all subsequent changes in the same way. In addition to complicating the procedure by working with additional papers, the notarial method increases the term for its implementation by 5-7 weeks.