Change of company name in Poland

When doing business, under certain circumstances it may be necessary to change the name of the company. To do this, you need to contact our company and get the advice of a specialist on changing the name. 

Specialists of our company MIA CONSULT GROUP  Sp. z o.o. prepare all the necessary documents for changing the name of the company and making changes to the KRS.

Change of company name

  • Prompt preparation of documents
  • Quick changes to KRS
  • Changes to constituent documents

from 1000 zł.

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Change of company name step by step

1. Preparation of a new version of the charter in order to change the name of the organization.

2. Organize a general meeting of shareholders and decide that the general meeting of shareholders will approve the national amendment (or the decision of the sole founder).

3. Prepare the status change registration.

4. The sole board of directors must sign a notarized statement to change the name of the organization.

5. Obligation to pay state duty for changing conditions.

6. Next - wait for a new name to be received.

Advantages of the outsourcing company MIA CONSULT GROUP


We have been successfully working in the field of accounting services and tax accounting for over 10 years.


Specialists with knowledge of the Russian, English and Polish languages work with us.


We use modern solutions to build business processes.


We give a guaranteed result for any type of service.

Where to order the service "Change of company name"

Our company MIA CONSULT GROUP  Sp. z o.o. qualitatively and quickly carry out the procedure for changing the name of the organization.

For more information, please contact the specified phone number, we are always happy to help.