VAT number in Poland

The VAT number is a registered identification number that can be found in countries where the tax system uses value added tax (VAT). This is a unique number used to identify a taxpayer, legal or tax-exempt legal entity registered for VAT.

When companies buy, sell and / or provide services in countries / regions where the tax system includes value added tax, they must register with the value added tax department.

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Foreigners, business owners and entrepreneurs in Poland, with a turnover of more than 200,000 zł, are obliged to pay VAT tax by the 25th day of each reporting month. VAT must be paid to the Urząd skarboby (tax office) at the place of business of the company.

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VAT number - General information

A VAT number is usually associated with EU countries, but for tax purposes they can also be found in many other countries around the world.

The VAT number abbreviation may differ from country to country, but the main purpose of all VAT numbers is to identify individuals for tax purposes. In the official sources of countries / regions, you can find out how different countries / regions call VAT (VAT). For example, here you can find information about VAT number in Poland.

You can check the VAT number of each company on the official website of the European Commission to prevent fraud. On the website, you can select any EU country, enter the number and check its validity. The information on the site confirms that the assigned number is real and can provide the identification data of the object assigned to it.

Not all information is available as the severity of national data protection laws varies from country to country.

What VAT rates are applied in Poland?

VAT rates currently valid in the Republic of Poland:

In 2021, VAT in Poland is 23%. Reduced rates of 19% and 8% apply in some areas of business.

To clarify the suitable rate for your business, you can contact our accountants for online consultationwho will advise you on all issues of interest, as well as help you quickly and easily get a VAT number in Poland.

How is a VAT number assigned in Poland?

After reaching the required values and indicators at the national level of the country, the number can usually be assigned to all persons who carry out taxable transactions on the territory of Poland, where the value added tax system operates.

For example, with regard to VAT numbers in the EU, Article 214 of the 2006 VAT Directive applies to the sale of goods and services in the EU and to the purchase or import of goods and services. He should also receive the minimum commission to be paid for each transaction.

The procedure for obtaining a VAT number in Poland

The fact that a company is registered in a country where the VAT system operates does not mean that it must have a VAT number.

But in most cases, you will need to register for a VAT number when you reach a certain threshold: for example, the value is equal to the surcharge in EU countries. 

The revenue limit in 2021, after exceeding which you must become a VAT payer, is PLN 200,000.

To register a company or individual entrepreneur as a VAT payer and in order to obtain a VAT number, it is necessary to fill out the VAT-R form, which must be submitted to the head of the tax office before the date of the first action subject to VAT.

The process of obtaining a VAT number takes up to 4 weeks, but we always try to shorten this period as much as possible.