Accounting outsourcing in Poland

The outsourcing company MIA CONSULT GROUP Sp. z o.o. Is a company with extensive business experience in Poland.

We provide comprehensive accounting services for companies and individual entrepreneurs in Poland. Our experience allows us to take all the subtleties of working with non-residents and offer optimal solutions, unlike competitors.

We ourselves have gone the way of setting up a company in Poland, so we are ready to offer professional assistance to your business.

Having started cooperation with MIA CONSULT GROUP Sp. z o.o. you will avoid risks such as misinformation and violations of procedural and tax laws. And also you will have at your disposal specialists who will be able to provide consulting assistance at a convenient time for you.

We offer comprehensive accounting outsourcing


Based on rich experience, our specialists clearly assigned responsibilities and organized internal processes, and this is the most important part of accounting outsourcing.

We use up-to-date mechanisms and our own developments in our work.

Our products and unique software tools support our internal process management and communication with our customers.

What do we offer?

We provide comprehensive outsourcing of accounting services in Poland for companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Accounting outsourcing works on the following conditions:

  1. We take responsibility for the accounting of your company;
  2. We offer the ability to conduct accounting of your company remotely;
  3. We have insurance of activities against risks that may arise;
  4. We are responsible for the quality of the work done.

Advantages of the outsourcing company MIA CONSULT GROUP


We have been successfully working in the field of accounting services and tax accounting for over 10 years.


Specialists with knowledge of the Russian, English and Polish languages work with us.


We use modern solutions to build business processes.


We give a guaranteed result for any type of service.